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GTR440BSW IP,water proof lighting,water proof beam light,deliya,water proof stage light,

2021/11/2 viewers
  • Brand :DELIYA
  • Type :GTR440BSW IP
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  • Technical Feature
    Lamp OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W VS60, 6700K discharge lamp
    Lamp control Lamp on/off via controller or manual
    Ballast 100-240V,50/60Hz,600W
    Color wheel CMY color mixing with gradually fading color wheels
    11 special color filters on one wheel
    CTO filters (3200 K -2500 K)
    Gobo wheel Wheel with 7 rotating gobos,Gobo size diameter:23mm ,image diameter:15mm;
      Wheel with 17 metal gobos
    Strobe High-speed and adjustable speed, strobe with macro function
    Dimmer 0-100% linear adjustment
    Frost Independent linear frost
    Zoom angel 2.2°-7°(beam mode)
    2.4°-33°(gobo mode)
    6°-43°(frost mode)
    P/T resolution Pan 540°,8Bit/16Bit
    Tilt 270°,8Bit/16Bit
    Effect wheel 2 rotating prisms,one 8 facet prism, one 24 facet prism
      A rainbow effect color wheel,with the prism superposition,can create the effect of the rainbow prism
    Control mode 30 Channels model
    Display 2.8 inch display,180°reverse display availabe
    IP Rate IP55
    Dimension 440x390x680MM
    Weight 30 KGS

a BEAM SPOT WASH 3IN1 competitive moving head light that is developed by deliya for the rental market . Waterproof rate is IP55 , by which is its highlight and outstanding feature; the light can be used in outdoor environment without waterproof cover.
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